Our Process

Each of our products starts with a story. From their inception fragrance is the driving factor. With our team, we take ample time to hone in on what makes a fragrance story worth telling - the setting, the feeling, and the emotions. Join us as we walk through how we craft one of our signature candles.

Every candle is made in our Dallas, TX based studio. 

Each is made with a proprietary wax blend that provides optimal scent throw. 

After our custom fragrance is added to the wax, and the wicks have been placed, it is poured one by one into the vessel. Then the wicks are centered and pinned.

Once cured, the wicks are trimmed at the ideal length of ¼” inch followed by cleaning and a thorough inspection. For more candle care & safety education, click here

Creating these products for you is our pride & joy. We hope you enjoy these fragrances as much as we do!