Our mission

elevate Your Everyday

Fragrance has the powerful ability to combine memory, emotion, and feelings and through it we aim to transport you. No matter the setting, when you experience one of our fragrances we ensure your day will continue with a new sense of wonder & delight.

Meet Courtney

Our Founder


Each of our products are made one by one by a skilled team in our Dallas, TX based studio. From start to finish every product recieves a high level of attention giving you the finest quality product.

Bespoke Detail

Our signature product is our candle. It started this fragrance journey back in 2017 and it continues to be a source of inspiration. Every candle is poured with the finest ingredients making it our pride & joy.

Fine Fragrance

Fragrance is our story teller and through it we combine memory, feeling, and emotion. We use only the finest fragrance oils to share those stories through our products.

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Our Process

We take pride in creating elevated, fragrant products for you. For an inside look on how we make our products visit our Process page.

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