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Copper & Clover

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At Purveyors of Fragrance, we seek to elevate your everyday experiences through
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The Copper & Clover Collection

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The “Proud Plant Parent” candle-

What a sensational candle! From packaging to scents, this candle takes my mind away from work and to the garden. Love the simplicity and elegance of it's company. 

Caitlin - Dallas, TX

The "Desert Sun" candle-

LOVE this scent! I didn't know what to expect but when it arrived it exceeded my expectations.

Judy - Sedona, AZ

The "Warmth" candle-

I originally bought this for a friend but had to come back and buy one for myself. It instantly made the room feel warm and cozy. Definitely recommend!

Rosemarie - Chicago, IL

The "Oakmoss & Amber" candle-

This is the perfect candle to light on a rainy day. Warmed up the space and of course, left the most beautiful scent in the air.

Irene - Seattle, WA

The "Purify" candle-

Adore the simplicity of these candles. Fits in perfectly with my décor and adds a scent to match. Purveyors of Fragrance is now my go-to for candles!

Cora - Brooklyn, NY

est. 2017

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