Wick Me Away... To Nashville

Welcome to our second Wick Me Away Wednesday! This week, I have decided to highlight a one-of-a-kind city that I spent a week in recently. It is a city full of music, culture, and incredible food! Drumroll … get ready to be wicked away to Nashville, Tennessee! Here are some of my favorite spots and bites around the city. Enjoy!


Explore 12th South: 12th South is one of the coolest, cutest streets in Nashville. It is lined with countless restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques. Sometimes, you’ll even find a food truck or two. 12th South is the perfect place to take a stroll on a Saturday morning and get a feel for what Nashville is all about. Some of my favorite spots, listed below, are located on this colorful street.
Explore Broadway: Like 12th South, Broadway is an iconic Nashville street - maybe even more iconic. It is lined with honky-tonks and bars and you will almost always find live music somewhere. It is a very colorful street and every single spot lining it is vying for your attention with flashing neon lights. The best part is, you can still get the Broadway experience from the safety of your car (Covid-19). Even driving up and down it is quite the experience. If you haven’t visited Broadway, have you really been to Nashville?


Barcelona Wine Bar: If you’re a fan of tapas and sangria, this is the place for you. Get a group of friends together and order as many tapas as your heart desires. There are so many and they’re all incredible, so is quite hard to choose. Barcelona also has a build-your-own charcuterie board, which is a personal favorite. This Spanish staple restaurant will not disappoint!
Pinewood Social: Everyone loves brunch, and this is the place to get it. Pinewood Social boasts a delicious menu, a great atmosphere, and even a bowling alley. It’s a restaurant like no other. Where else could you go bowling while enjoying a Bellini and eggs Benedict?
Taqueria Del Sol 12th South: If you’re looking for a casual, delicious dinner or lunch, this is the place to go. Not only are the tacos a ten out of ten, but this spot also has affordable, delicious margaritas. It is also located on 12th South, so it is a perfect spot to stop for lunch or dinner while exploring the city.
Five Daughters Bakery 12th South: Have you ever heard of a cronut? It’s basically a mixture of a croissant and a donut. And Five Daughter’s is THE place for them. They have more flavors than you could imagine and have a great patio on which to enjoy them. This is a perfect weekend morning hotspot, and it’s only a few minutes away from Frothy Monkey, my favorite coffee shop in Nashville (listed below).

Coffee Shops:

Bode Coffee Co.: Fun fact … this cute little coffee truck is owned by some personal friends of mine. Although not technically open yet, it will be making its debut out on the city within the next couple weeks. I have had the privilege of getting to taste-test their drinks. Let me tell you, they’re above and beyond. We should all be supporting small businesses right now, and everyone loves a good latte. So look no further!
Frothy Monkey: Located on 12th South, Frothy Monkey is my favorite coffee shop in Nashville. It has a great atmosphere and picnic tables for when it’s nice outside. It has a good variety of specialty drinks as well as all the original favorites. Make a stop here on a Saturday morning and, if it’s nice, enjoy your coffee while exploring 12th South or sitting at one of the picnic tables.
Crema: Located in Pinewood Social, this little coffee shop’s taste blows it’s size away. I highly recommend snatching a latte to-go from here on your way out of Pinewood Social, or enjoy one in-house on one of their many comfy couches or chairs.


Centennial Park: This iconic Nashville park is best-known for the “Parthenon”, an accurate replica of Greece’s famous landmark. This park also boasts ponds, walking paths, and many spots to sit and enjoy beautiful weather. Whether taking a stroll or having a picnic, Centennial Park will be a great addition to your day.
Vanderbilt University: You have probably heard of Vanderbilt - the prestigious university located in the heart of Nashville. It has a beautiful campus and is great for taking a walk or reading a book on a bench. The campus is lined with big trees and has countless grassy areas. Even if you don’t go to Vanderbilt, I definitely recommend hanging out there. There are also plenty of good restaurants within walking distance of campus.
John Siegenthaler Pedestrian Bridge: Want the best possible view of the Nashville skyline? Look no further. This bridge crosses the Cumberland River and is very easy to access. Bonus: it’s pretty close to Pinewood Social, so head over to see the skyline after brunch!

I have wanted to visit Nashville for a few years now, and was so happy I finally did. It was everything I had hoped and more. If you or someone you know is planning on going to Nashville soon, hit them with this list! I promise none of it will disappoint, especially the food and coffee.

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