Wick Me Away To... Mexico!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

We hope you’ve been enjoying our revamped collaboration with Sea & Grass this week. If you haven’t been able to enter the giveaway yet or get access to our special margarita recipe, click HERE (link to Pam’s giveaway). In the meantime, we would love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with you all by sharing some of our favorite spots in Mexico! International travel is on the horizon again, and I’m sure a lot of you are itching to get on a plane. What better place to make your first trip than Mexico - not too far away, beautiful, and full of delicious food and vibrant culture!

My personal favorite place to visit in Mexico is Tulum. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum is absolute paradise. The water is crystal blue and there are lots of fun activities around the area such as scuba diving, visiting old ruins, and snorkeling in cenotes. The beaches are lined with swaying palm trees and covered in white sand. It is the perfect scenic backdrop for a relaxing vacation. And not to mention … the people are kind and the food is incredible!

Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo, both located on the Baja Peninsula, are both places worth a visit as well. They are super easy to get to if you live in the western United States, and flights are usually quite affordable. The scenery here is different than on the tropical Yucatan Peninsula and is much more desert-y. That doesn’t take anything away from its beauty and there are plenty of fun land and sea activities to do around Los Cabos! I also highly recommend exploring the local cities and of course eating at the famous Sunset Monalisa restaurant.

The last beautiful Mexican destination I want to touch on is Cozumel. The bright blue water here is like few things I have ever seen. Being able to look down and see the beautiful fish swim around your feet and see the palm trees swaying in the breeze is truly a sight to behold. There is so much adventure to be had in Cozumel and it is a great destination for families. If you ever decide to go on a cruise, you may be lucky enough to stop here!

Mexico is a diverse country with so much more to offer than what I have listed here. I have visited three times and still can’t get enough of it - I can’t wait to go back sometime soon! I hope these anecdotes inspire you to plan your trip to Mexico.

In the meantime, check out our Sea & Grass collaboration for an inspired experience and have a very happy Cinco de Mayo!

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