Wick Me Away... To Dallas

Welcome to Wick Me Away Wednesday! Here at Purveyors of Fragrance, we love to experience and in turn share the best of what some of our favorite cities have to offer. What better way to start this new Wednesday tradition than by sharing some of our favorite spots around our home city, Dallas?
Dallas is a massive metropolitan city and in turn has countless hot spots. Regardless of how big your favorite city is, I am sure you have found some favorite spots that you return to time and time again. The same is true of me. I am always discovering new places to eat and hang out in Dallas, but there are some spots that have captured my heart that I always end up returning to. From activities to dessert spots, here are some fun places everyone needs to check out in Dallas!

  • Ennis during bluebonnet season: Just outside of the Dallas area, Ennis is a small town that blooms incredibly during spring and summer. If you know anything about Texas, you know that bluebonnets are our pride and joy. During the spring months, there is nothing better than taking the quick 45 minute drive down to Ennis to see the fields and roadsides carpeted in bluebonnets. It is a sight that pictures truly can’t do justice! In addition to this, Ennis has beautiful sunflower fields during summertime that are worth a visit.
  • Dallas Farmer’s Market: The Dallas Farmer’s Market, located near Downtown and Deep Ellum, is the perfect spot to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning. Local artisans, farmers, and many other sellers will be able to fulfill all your heart’s desires. In addition to this, there are countless amazing places to grab a bite and get coffee.
  • Katy Trail: Katy Trail is a walking and running path in the heart of Uptown Dallas on which you will see lots of friendly faces and dogs. It is lined with trees over the top of which you can see the buildings of the Dallas skyline. It is one of the best places in the city to get exercise while enjoying nice weather. Bonus - stop at the Katy Trail Ice House on your walk or run to get lunch and a cold drink!

  • Sky Blossom: Sky Blossom is probably one of my favorite restaurants in the entire city. In the heart of Downtown, it has rooftop views and incredible Asian food. It is also affordable, which is always a plus. This is a perfect spot to go on a Friday or Saturday night with friends. Bonus - they have a margarita flight!
  • Rise: If you enjoy French food in any capacity, which I am sure all of you do, Rise is a must-eat. They have both sweet and savory souffles and other delicious French foods. This restaurant can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters!
  • Smoky Rose: Smoky Rose is a BBQ restaurant with a great outdoor bar, patio, and yard right by the Arboretum. It is a perfect spot for families and usually has corn hole in the yard. While the BBQ is decadent, this restaurant also has options for those of us who aren’t the biggest BBQ fans. 

Coffee Shops:
  • Halcyon: It is very difficult for me to pick a favorite coffee shop, as I love all coffee shops. However, I would have to say this one is my favorite. Halcyon is located in Lower Greenville and is the perfect spot to hangout with friends or do remote work. In addition to coffee, it also offers food and cocktails. However, it still retains the coffee shop feel, with cozy couches and chairs and a more laid back vibe.
  • La La Land Kind Cafe: This coffee shop screams aesthetic. Also located in Lower Greenville, it is known for its patio and the vintage yellow truck parked out front. La La Land serves their own artisan coffees as well as delicious bites such as avocado toast. It is a great place to spend a Saturday morning. 
  • White Rock Coffee: White Rock is the first coffee shop I started going to when I moved to Dallas. It is close to White Rock Lake and has lots of nice spots to sit and read or do remote work. It also has a drive thru, so if you’re looking to support a local coffee shop but are low on time, this is the one for you! 

  • Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden: The Dallas Arboretum offers so much. Not only is it on the beautiful White Rock Lake, but it also has many places to eat and stroll. If you don’t know what to do on a sunny afternoon, the Arboretum is the perfect place to spread out a picnic blanket and read a book under a tree. In addition to its calming atmosphere, the Arboretum has many seasonal events. There are pumpkin patches in the fall, flower gardens in the spring, and Christmas decorations during winter. It is a great place for a date or to bring your family.
  • White Rock Lake: You’ve already heard this lake mentioned as being close to some of my favorite spots. However, the lake itself is a great place to spend time as well. There are many docks around its perimeter that are open to the public and great for watching the sunset. It is also surrounded by parks with countless places to picnic and hammock. You can rent paddle-boards and kayaks, and even go sailing! There is something for everyone at White Rock Lake, and it is a perfect place to spend a warm spring or summer day.
  • Klyde Warren Park: Located in the heart of Dallas, this park often hosts outdoor concerts and is always lined with food trucks. It is the perfect spot to spend a the afternoon, throw a frisbee, or have a picnic. You will also see cute pups in every direction you turn!

Dessert Places:
  • Cake Bar: Cake Bar is a small cake shop located in the restaurant haven that is Trinity Groves. You can choose from a wide selection of southern style cakes by the slice or in full. They also carry breads, cookies, and ice cream. This cute little shop is also a short walk away from the best view of the Dallas skyline in the whole city.
  • Emporium Pies: This cute pie shop has three locations around the Dallas area and is widely known for its deliciousness. All of their pies are homemade and unique, and there is something for everyone. My personal favorite location is in Bishop Arts District. Grab a slice of pie and walk around and explore!
  • Chills 360: Who doesn’t like ice cream? And what better way to keep it exciting than by having it rolled. If you haven’t tried this, it is a really fun new way to spice up your weekly ice cream run. Basically, scoops of ice cream are rolled out on a cold surface and then rolled up into spirals. It is very fun to watch and almost too pretty to eat! Plus, there are countless toppings you can choose from to make it even more to your liking.

Dallas is a city like no other. It is warm and inviting which is something that can be hard to find in a metropolitan city. There are endless places to eat and explore. And most of all, it is our home! At Purveyors of Fragrance, we love Dallas and are proud to call it home. We hope these tidbits gave you an idea of why we love it so much. We hope to see you here soon!

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