What is One of Your Favorite Memories?

Back when I was in college, professors would often have us go around the classroom at the beginning of the semester and answer a question to get to know each other better. This was often one of them. When someone asks me about my favorite memory, many things come to mind. It is so hard to choose! However, one thing is for certain: memories have particular sounds, emotions, and smells that will often be attached to them.
I have been blessed enough to travel to over twenty countries as a young adult, something that has brought me countless incredible memories. However, some of my favorite memories that always leave a warm feeling in my heart come from my childhood home.
I grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona, a place known for its beauty and citrus. As a kid, I spent much of my time outside. I was lucky enough to grow up before kids had smartphones! I would play pretend with my brother and sister, climb trees, and go on bike rides around the neighborhood. In addition to the beautiful desert scenery, one other thing was always present. And that was the scent of citrus blossoms wafting through the air.
Spring in Arizona is one of the most beautiful things you will ever experience. The smell of citrus makes it so that you don’t just see the beauty, but feel it too. Whenever I smell a citrus blossom candle or soap, even if I am on the other side of the country or world, it always brings me back to simpler times as a child growing up in Arizona. It brings me peace, a smile, and a softer heart.
Scent memories are something that are deeply woven into our emotions and how we experience the world, yet we rarely stop to think about them. Right now I invite you to stop what you’re doing and think of a smell you love. Where does it bring you back to? Because I’m guessing that a warm, happy memory is materializing in your head right now.
Fragrance is all-encompassing in our lives. Think of your morning coffee, your favorite meal, or even the smell of pine trees in the mountains. Can you think of one of these things without thinking of its fragrance? Probably not. That’s because fragrance plays such a significant roll in how we experience the world, whether we are aware of it or not.
Fragrance is something we, as a brand, are passionate about. Fragrance brings you back to earth, simpler times, and adds so much to life. We love to capture fragrances that are special and meaningful to people in all walks of life, which is why we call ourselves purveyors! So sit back, relax, and get excited for beautiful stories that all culminate in one thing: a simple fragrance. Welcome to fragrance journals!


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