Peppermint is timeless and has been a scent associated with the holidays for my entire lifetime. I don’t really know how it came to be associated with this time of year, but I love that it did. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have candy canes, peppermint-y cocktails, or peppermint candles - some of the best parts of the season in my opinion.
One of my favorite ways to incorporate peppermint during the holidays is to crush a candy cane and use it as sprinkles on top of a frosted sugar cookie, or even bake it in to the cookie. This is a great way to use candy canes that you don’t end up eating. They will also add an incredible fragrance to your kitchen as you’re baking them - I highly recommend it.
While candy cane cookies are a great way to get the scent of peppermint wafting through your house, we decided we wanted to created something more long-term. After all, who has time to be baking cookies 24/7? Enter our “Twisted Peppermint” candle. The design is timeless and cute and will add a little holiday flare to any room. While the candle is quite peppermint-y, it also has hints of vanilla and sugar which add a dash of sweetness. With this candle, you can have a scent akin to candy cane sugar cookies floating through any room you’d like.
If you are having trouble deciding which holiday candle to choose, this is the one. It makes a great decoration and has a classic scent. It will bring back holiday memories and help you create new ones. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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