Ocean Waves

Who loves the beach? I know I do.

And summer is almost here which means beach season is upon us! Like I have previously stated, Purveyors of Fragrance seeks to create collections that epitomize enjoyable experiences in life. Our Elementals collection does this by utilizing outdoor-related fragrances and designs that will take our customers back to some of their favorite experiences and make them want to get back outside as soon as possible. We knew we had to include a candle in this collection to represent the big blue … enter our Ocean Waves candle!

This candle uses a blend of fresh citrus over green floral enhanced by aquatic notes on a background of driftwood. It is a soothing fragrance that belongs in all homes. Ocean Waves will take you on a walk on your favorite beach from the comfort of your own kitchen or bedroom!

Is there any specific beach that left a big impression on you? I have personally always been a huge fan of Laguna Beach in California. Palm trees line beautiful cliffs that overlook the beach, there are fun tide pools to explore, and interesting restaurants and shops line the streets, which are walking distance from the beach! I love thinking back to my time in Laguna as well as many other beach destinations. When I really get thinking about it, I wish I could head out to the beach immediately! There is nothing more calming.

I, as well as all of us who crave the beach, are in luck with this candle. As we all know, unfortunately we can’t just drop everything and head to the beach whenever we feel like it. We have work, school, and countless other obligations. But that shouldn’t stop you from bringing the beach home! Whether for yourself or your favorite ocean fanatic, our Ocean Waves candle will satisfy all your beach-y desires. You need it, trust me!

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