Mountain Breeze

Do you prefer mountains or beaches?

I feel like this debate is generally pretty divided. But regardless of which you like better, I think everyone can appreciate a sweet breeze coming through the mountains carrying the scent of summer wildflowers. This is what our Mountain Breeze candle, part of our Elementals collection, will bring to you.

Many unique, sweet scents come together for this fragrance to give you the sense of standing outside in the mountains after a summer thunderstorm, with a light breeze wafting through the air. Refreshing citruses, crisp bergamot, and fresh-cut green scents intertwine with the fresh scent of lily of the valley blooms in the rain, beautiful rose tones, sweet jasmine and clean lavender notes. Fresh clean air nuances of ozone blend with these scents to unite and enhance this fragrance. Safe to say … it’s incredible!

Summer is here. And summer should be full of experiences that take you outside to some of the world’s most beautiful places. I know how hard it can be to get away. We have work, school, and countless other obligations. That is why we want to do the best we can to create candles that will give you those summer getaways in your very own home. We hope our Mountain Breeze candle whisks you away … we know it has done the same for us! Shop today.

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