Leaf Peeping

Everyone has something about autumn that makes it extra special for them. For my good friend Tracy, it is her tradition of leaf peeping in New England. I am sure most of you are familiar with leaf peeping. However, depending on where you live in the country, only a lucky few get to experience it every fall. Tracy grew up in Massachusetts and now resides in New Hampshire - both prime spots for leaf peeping. However, the New Hampshire experience is what really holds a special place in her heart.
No matter where she is in New Hampshire, Tracy will be surrounded by vibrant fall foliage. However, Kancamagus Highway is the place to go if you want the best experience. Her favorite parts about it are the outstanding views and the stunning trees lining the road the entire way. This is the type of experience that anyone would always want to remember. What better way to do that than through fragrance? Tracy says things such as fall-scented candles, banana and pumpkin bread, and hearty home-cooked meals always bring her back to the colorful roads that epitomize autumn in New Hampshire.
Experiences like this are always made better by the simple pleasures that come along with them. Tracy has found that her leaf peeping adventures have given her a greater appreciation for family time and nature. She has learned that being content with what you’re surrounded with and living in the moment are the things that truly make life the most enjoyable. The coziness of fall - full of apple and pumpkin picking, days by the fire, and brisk air - is something to truly marvel in.
I’m sure Tracy looks forward to fall every year for many reasons, including leaf peeping. One of the best parts about fragrance is that it can bring you back to the moments you most crave. No matter what time of year it is, a home-cooked meal will always remind Tracy of days out on the roads with family surrounded by fall foliage. What if we all decided to live life like that? What if, instead of longing for better times, we let simple things such as fragrance bring us the joy of a fleeting memory. What if we used those memories to remind ourselves that there are so many new memories to be made? No matter how distant a memory becomes, we will always have the opportunity to grasp onto fragrance to remind us of it. Don’t take this for granted - what scent is most special to you?


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