How to Create a New Year’s Intention That Will Shine in 2021

Hi there,
My name is Maggie Calegari and I'm the founder of Mindful Movement with Maggie and Mindful Classroom. I'm so excited to be here today on Purveyors of Fragrance to share a few tools and tips with you on setting an intention for the new year.
Most likely over the years you've taken time on New Year's Day to set your New Year's resolutions:
To lose weight.
To eat healthier.
To exercise everyday.
...sound familiar?
We’ve all fallen victim to these cliche goals and then watched them quickly fade off the backburner and become a distant memory that we will dig back up every 11 or so months. It's not your fault. Our culture teaches us to expect instant gratification, prioritize our work over our health, and define our health by our looks. You are bombarded with ads and deals on gym memberships and Weight Watchers programs that reinforce the idea that you need to work off the holiday treats that your news feed was filled with two weeks before.
There is a better way. Instead of setting a New Year's resolution think about setting an intention for the new year.
Years ago when I first tried yoga, I would hear teachers start the class by asking to set an intention for your practice. To be honest I always felt really lost and confused about what this meant. I felt like I couldn't really get my head wrapped around an intention so quickly and didn't really know what it meant to bring that into my practice. Over the past few years as I developed my own practices as a teacher of movement and mindfulness, I discovered that an intention can only get us so far. An intention needs to be supported by commitment and action. It needs to come from a place deep down inside us and be truly reflective of our goals.
Get started creating your new year’s intention with these 4 steps.
  1. Set aside 30-minutes of uninterrupted time.
    Make it special by being in your favorite place, getting cozy, getting your favorite drink, putting some music on in the background that is quiet and think of this as some quality time with yourself. Start to write down some ideas about what you want in the coming year. Not your work goals, your personal goals. Think about the bigger picture of who you are and who you are becoming. Do you want to be more self-aware? More in tune with your day-to-day life? More excited? More energetic? More joyful? Start writing down all of these words that represent how you want to feel as a person everyday, even if it's totally different than where you are now.
  2. Find Your Word
    After 10 minutes, stop writing and look through all of these words. For me, one word often jumps out at me as a theme. If that happens for you, awesome! That is your intention! Otherwise, you might need to take a little bit more time and digging.

    Start by circling your top 10 words.
    Then narrow it down to five.

    And then one!

    Think about this word and how it can help inspire you for the year to come.

  3. Last year I chose the word “expansion.” I was one year into my business, I knew I wanted to expand my reach and make a bigger impact. I knew I wanted to expand more into the confidence of who I am as a mother, as a wife, as a teacher, and just in my life in general. This year, I'm choosing the word ‘Shine.’ To me, this word represents a feeling that I want to feel every day. I want to shine by radiating who I am. I want to shine as a mother to my daughter. I want to shine in my role as a wife and in my marriage. I want my business to shine as a source of light and joy as well as inspire people all over the world. All of those goals and feelings are wrapped up in one simple word. It invokes energy in me that keeps me inspired and waking up every day excited to take on the world.

    Setting an intention does not mean I am striving for perfection. In choosing an aspirational word as my intention, I am still recognizing that I still have a lot of work to do but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the journey and commit to being the best version of myself as I can. It propels me forward in the work I'm doing both on myself and my business.

  4. Bring Your Intention to Life in Your Life

    Once you have found your word, try making a vision board using images that represent your word. Choose a quote that includes the word and display it as your phone or computer’s wallpaper. Put it up in your workspace so you can be reminded of your intention daily
Mindset is everything. When you have your intention set, you will generally move in ways that keep you connected with your center. When you are connected to yourself in this way, everything in your life can become more interesting, joyful, and you are there to experience it. So when you eat a clean meal, or go to do a workout, you are coming from a place of taking care of yourself, and your experience totally changes. Each day you wake up excited to explore what is happening with you and around you. I believe that when we get excited about the moment to moment process, we are able to slow down and drop much of the stress and tension we typically carry. By being able to practice this every day, we are constantly learning and growing, and that is what ultimately fulfills us as humans. It’s impossible to be present, calm, and joyful at all times, that’s not the point anyway. But if we can show up for ourselves with an intention that fills us up, then we are on the track to becoming more of who we want to be every day. Which means we also show up as a better mother, wife, friend, mentor, student. So this new year, give yourself the gift of slowing down long enough to find out who you are on your way to becoming. We may not be able to choose the events around us, but we get to choose who we are in the midst of it.
    Thank you for being here with me today. I would love to move with you! As a gift to you, please join me for a Mindful Movement class here.
    Keep moving friends!

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