Elegance. Refined.

What do you think of when you hear the word refined?

I think of something that is classy, polished, and simplistic. Something that can fit into any space and give it more of a sophisticated feel. Here at Purveyors of Fragrance, we take pride in a product that can bring elegance into your home. And that’s how we ended up creating the Refined Collection!

Imagine sitting in a big, old house with dark wood floors. You are in a velvet wing-backed chair with a fire in front of you and a tall, arched window to your right. You are surrounded by dark wood bookcases that reach all the way to the ceiling. You have a large mug of coffee in one hand and your favorite book propped up in the other. The feeling this scene creates is what the Refined Collection is all about.

This collection is inspired by elegance above all else. The fragrances we use, such as Cedar & Leather and Coconut & Amber, will put you at ease while simultaneously bringing a sophisticated, classy feeling into whichever room you choose to burn them. My personal favorite candle is Rose & Sandalwood, a floral and musky fragrance that will immediately soothe you.

The Refined Collection is timeless and works during any season. While you may initially associate these candles’ aesthetic with autumn or winter, they are actually perfect for spring and summer as well. Their neutral design blends in well with any type of decor and their fragrances have notes of everything from citruses to wood to vanilla - something for every time of year!
Need a gift or just want to treat yourself? Shop Refined! You will not be disappointed.

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