Cookies For Santa

One of my favorite simple pleasures of the holiday season is baking and decorating cookies. The joy this activity brings started when I was a kid, when my family and I would make cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. We could make the cookies however we wanted - chocolate chip, covered in colorful icing, or sprinkled with glittering Christmas colors. My personal favorite way to make Christmas cookies was to decorate them with dyed buttercream frosting and create designs of snowflakes and Christmas trees on them. I always thought these pretty cookies tasted the best - and hoped Santa would too.

I think Christmas cookies should be as extravagant as possible, especially if they are going to be for someone as special as Santa. Here at Purveyors of Fragrance, we have the same mindset. We actually ended up creating two candles with this theme - “Cookies for Santa” and “Santa’s Cookies”. Both of these candles have a similar sweet, buttery fragrance, but have a different look based on what ambiance you are going for.

“Cookies for Santa” has a vintage feel, with a cute drawing and amber colored glass. It will fill your home with the scent of soft, buttery cookies drowned in vanilla frosting and sprinkles. It is the perfect candle to burn while decorating Christmas cookies with your kids. “Santa’s Cookies” has a very similar scent, but a different look. It is part of our Holiday Gingham collection, with the classic look of red and green gingham. If you want something that is more classic and timeless, this is the candle for you! Either way, you will be able to enjoy the same scent - that of delicious Christmas cookies!

Fragrance brings people together. Whether you know it or not, these candles will bring you back to warm holiday memories. Not only that, but they make the best gifts. Whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one, these fragrances are sure to be a hit and add to the warm glow that encompasses Christmastime.


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