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"Travel leaves you speechless, Then Turns you into a Storyteller."

The desire to seek adventure has always been apart of my life. As a child we spent most summers on the lake, hiking or riding our bikes, and the winters snowboarding in various locations in California. We were lucky enough to have a father who enjoyed skiing so much that he was part of the Ski Patrol and often we were taken out of school to "shred" the local mountains. My grandparents had a home in Lake Tahoe so we spent a time there both during the summer and winter months.  

In school I had a fascination with history and travel, but never had the opportunity to travel out of the country. Fast forward to the time Troy and I began dating in 2007. We found a copy of 1000 Places to see before you Die. He suggested we each look through the book and write down 100 places and whatever matched up on both of our lists, we would attempt to travel there. 

Ultimately we have been to numerous places on that list. If you know much about us and the story of our brand you already aware we were married aboard. We said our vows on the Cliffs Of Moher, along the west coast of Ireland. 

To this day I still reference those lists and revisit the pages in that book for inspiration. However, now with social media and pinterest you can find amazing articles on travel. My goal for this Travel Journal is to use it as a guest book for bloggers and travel writers. A place for them to tell their stories, share tips and tricks, along with showing us a few hidden gems along the way. 

Join us will you, as we embark on these adventures with other travel enthusiasts! 



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