An Outdoor Trek

I feel most at home when I am in the mountains.

Since I was a little girl, my family and I have been taking trips up to Utah often. If you have never been to Utah, I highly recommend it for your next trip. The mountains are stunning and there are a plethora of outdoor activities for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Despite the variety of activities available in Utah, hiking has always been my favorite. There is something about getting lost in the wilderness that is just about unparalleled to anything else. Hearing the wind in the trees and smelling the wildflowers is something you cannot capture in a photo. It is something you have to experience.

Since I live in Texas now, I don’t get to spend time in the mountains nearly as much as I would like to. So when I do get to go, I savor the experience with everything in me. I also try to bring the mountains to me. While this can be done by looking through old photos and videos, I think sparking a scent memory is truly one of the most effective ways to bring me back to my favorite place.

What better way to spark a scent memory than with, you guessed it, a candle?! Our Elementals Collection has some of my favorites. It is comprised of six candles, each of which represents a different type of outdoor adventure. While they are all wonderful, I would say my two favorites in this collection would have to be both the Mountain Breeze and the Mountain Trek candles. Mountain Breeze is comprised of equal parts floral and ozonic fragrances, with small hints of citrus and musk. It will make you feel like you’re breathing in fresh mountain air, even if you’re in the middle of the city. Mountain Trek intertwines musk and amber with slight floral notes to whisk you to your favorite hiking trail. When I close my eyes while burning this candle, it is as though I am back in Utah.

The mountains are a gift. So is the rest of nature. Check out all six of our Elementals Collection candles to find a fragrance that puts you at peace and reminds you of your favorite outdoor destination!

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